For your child’s success in school and in life

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The shaping force of the home

While there continue to be many areas of disagreement among experts where children and learning are concerned, nearly everyone agrees that there is no place like home for molding a child’s intellectual development.

The natural tendency of children to absorb the values and motives of the people who have raised them comes into play.  Being creatures of imitation, children naturally follow the examples set by their earliest and most influential role models.  In this way, parents who respect learning, enjoy cultural pursuits and reward achievement perpetuate their lifestyle and values through their children.

Most authorities believe that the strongest influences on a child’s development are a few simple basics that money does not in any way guarantee.  These include a moderate level of stimulation, adult caregivers who are affectionate and responsive, regularity and consistency in daily routine, a rich language environment and freedom to experiment and explore.