A Child’s First Library of Learning

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Books designed for today’s smart and online kids

  • Provides knowledge of all four key ares: Life, Nature, Science and Our World.
  • Question-answer format stimulates and satisfies your child’s curiosity with follow-up questions containing additional information.
  • Colorful photos and illustrations attract and maintain your child’s attention and create interest in the topics.
  • “Note to Parents” on each page provide additional in-depth information to help parents explain the subject further.
  • Walter™ makes the series come alive with over 10,000 sound files embedded into the pages.
  • Sound files include character narrations, interesting supplementary facts, sound effects, poems, rhymes and songs.
– 24 Hardcover Books
– Glossary and Index
– Walter™
– 1-year Warranty for Walter™
– User Guide

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