Early Learning Program

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Teaching good behavior and values has never been easier!

  • 17 hardcover books, each designed to develop a specific skill or understanding of a subject for your child.
  • The series begins with basic reading and numeric skills and progresses to advanced skills like problem-solving and flexible thinking.
  • Colorful, lively illustration on every page will attract and hold your child’s interest, and help to develop concentration and reading skills.
  • Interactive 3-D features such as split pages, cutouts, lift-n-learn flaps, color wheel, and clock with moving hands, are all designed to make learning fun and understanding easier.
  • 5 CD-ROMs with over exciting games will reinforce the skills learnt by your child.
  • “Note to Parents” at the beginning of each book explains what the book is about, how to make the best of it, and suggests additional activities.
Book titles and their corresponding skills:

  1. Hound Bee! – Imagination
  2. How Many Hippos? – Quantities
  3. The Great ABC Treasure Hunt – Alphabet
  4. Purple Parrots Eating Carrots – Reading
  5. Balderdash the Brilliant – Colors
  6. Roberto’s Magical Clocks – Time
  7. Guess Who? – Animals
  8. Tales for a Stormy Day – Morals
  9. Mr Boggle’s Peculiar Day – Visual Perception
  10. The Secret Forest – Nature
  11. The Search for the Seven Sisters – Geography
  12. The Family Tree – History
  13. A Picture-Perfect World – Wildlife
  14. Voyage of the Micronauts – Human Body
  15. Tanya Tinker and the Gizmo Gang – Exploration
  16. The Three Storytellers of Or – Critical Thinking
  17. The Bumbletown Detectives – Problem Solving

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