Learning Math with Albert

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The difference between fear of Math and fun with Math!

  • This program develops a strong foundation in math skills. It takes your child from simple concepts of big and small to equations and multiplication, one step at a time.
  • Activity books are filled with fun and interesting exercises to test and reinforce the concepts learned from the books.
  • The CD-ROMs combine text, graphics, audio, video and animation to provide hours of fun activities to practices what has been learned.
  • Alber and Annie’s Math Kit contains three unique and valuable components: Magic Number Board, Annie’s Practice Cards, and Multiplication Tile Set — all designed for fun, play and practice.
  • An achievement chart with star stickers helps you to record and reward your child’s progress.
– 10 Hardcover Books
– 10 Activity Books
– Set of 5 CD-ROMs*
*CD-ROMs are compatible with Windows and Macs.
– Magic Numbers Board
– Annie’s Practice Cards (3 packs)
– Multiplication Tile Set
– Achievement chart with Star Stickers
– User Guide

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